Country MC

MON 10

Baptismal nameGitana16
ArchitectVPLP/ Verdier
Construction2015, Chantier Multiplast, Vannes
Launch date8/6/15
Former namesGitana 16 - Edmond de Rotschild


Part of the IMOCA class, the Mono60 Malizia II was launched in August 2015 after a year-long build at the Multiplast yard.

This Verdier design with her planing forms was one of the latest generation 60-foot monohulls designed for the Gitana team and its then skipper Sébastien Josse with a view to the Vendée Globe 2016 – 2017. Adhering to the class measurement in force in the Imoca class in December 2013, the Mono60 features a one-design keel and mast (identical materials, forms and suppliers). With a planing hull equipped with a very high volume bow to enhance the boat’s speed performance, a so-called tumblehome hull shape (meaning that the beam at the sheer is less than the maximum beam of the hull) so as limit the beam of the deck and thus make her more lightweight, reduction of the freeboard, which further accentuates the sensation of the boat’s beaminess, a flat deck and open cockpit, not to mention foils instead of the old generation conventional rudders… Malizia II certainly doesn’t lack character.

Malizia II, IMOCA, foiler, Boris Herrmann, Vendée Globe© Team Malizia

Length18,28 m
Beam5,70 m
Draught4,5 m
Weight8 tonnes
Mast height29 m
Mast typeMât-Aile
Surface voile max.
Près290 m2
Portant490 m2
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