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Variable-geometry duos (3rd part)

Sailing double-handed on a racing yacht is no small matter, especially when the course stretches some 5,400 theoretical miles. Today Jeremie Beyou & Christopher Prat.

Copyright : Christophe Favreau
Copyright : Christophe Favreau

Jérémy Beyou: Maître Coq gave me a free hand to choose my co-skipper. The decision to take on Christopher Pratt was made very naturally as he’s been a crewmate for a long time and we’ve competed in a number of races double-handed, particularly on the Figaro circuit. I was looking for someone who had a very similar profile to my own, my double in some ways, because over a course like that of the Jacques Vabre, it’s very important to maintain a very steady pace, without losing the thread from a meteorological standpoint. We share the same culture, the same vocabulary, the same protocols and the same approach to this sport, which makes the on-board communication both fluid and effective. We operate on a watch system, trusting in one another completely. I know on waking that the grib files will be up-to-date and that Christopher will be able to give me an accurate summary of the situation. I also have complete faith in his tactical decisions, the boat’s trim… in short, the idea really involves each of us being as autonomous as possible so that our sessions sailing singlehanded are as effective as possible. However, as soon as it comes to the pair of us manoeuvring, our roles are laid out perfectly and the procedures are standardised. I’m at the helm and in the pit whilst he does the grinding and the foredeck".


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