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Boisterous race start for the IMOCA 60s


The Imoca 60s are due to set sail this Monday at 1415 hours local time in what is forecast to be a beat in moderate winds. The first tough stage will be the Cotentin Peninsula where they will be punching tide. The depth of the keel (4.5m draught) means that the skippers won’t be able to hug the coast to protect themselves from the violent current. The wind is then forecast to build progressively from the West, reaching 35 knots with gusts of 45 knots over the course of the day on Tuesday. Once a final front rolls across the racetrack off Spain overnight between Thursday and Friday, conditions are set to improve. The wind will gradually clock round to the North-West and then the North. At that point the tradewinds will form part of the decor and the Imoca 60s are likely to be able to enjoy downwind conditions as they drop down as far as the Brazilian coast.

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