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Launch of the new Cheminées Poujoulat


Thursday 18, September in Brest, the chosen port for the boats of Bernard Stamm, saw the launching of the new 2014 Cheminées Poujoulat in the presense of the skipper and co-skipper Jean le Cam, working together on the next Barcelona World Race. Two experienced sailors, a proven raceboat, which has followed the develpments and direction of the new rules to gain better performance, this duo looks the part. Cheminées Poujoulat has also received help from Renault through the actions of FNOB, as well as the support of Océanopolis. Some candid words from the skippers and their partners.






Bernard Stamm :

« We still have a lot of work to do on the boat. We have to take on the ‘rules’ phase of work, how to really exploit the potential of this racing machine. We will head to Barcelona very soon to train with our Spanish competitors. The boat must be there by 12th December in any case. We also have a key event at the Paris Boat show on the 5th of December, so the calendar looks very busy.

The race : « We know that exiting the Mediterranean can be decisive. To get past Gibraltar in the lead can be significant for the rest of the race. Then you are into the Doldrums and after that the forties.  Passing through Cook Straight between the two islands of New Zealand is no longer part of the course. After Cape Horn, you race up to the Atlantic and then back into the Med to the finish line. Whats good about a double-handed race, is that you can fully exploit the boat’s potential. Its also a great way to give skippers experience that have not yet done solo racing. Obviously that does not apply to Jean le Cam !. »

Jean Le Cam :

« A double handed race is, above all else, a human adventure. There is a true richness to it. Personally, I have not done this sort of race over such a long distance, and during 3 months. My last Barcelona World Race ended at Cape Verde with our de-masting. This will be my first experience with Bernard, and in that I am feeling confident. »

Benoit Bodineau, Cheminées Poujoulat

« Since the sinking of the boat last December, Bernard has done a lot of work in presenting alternative ways forward to us. What motivated us to carry on was the idea that we were on a continuous programme and we had already decided to progress forward with our relationship with Bernard. On top of that, the support of other complementary partners finally convinced us that we should not end a project like this. »


Eric Hussenot, Director of Océanopolis

« Our partnership with Bernard is firstly based on a scientific collaboration. The ide ais to take advantage of these race boats to collect data from oceans that are mostly unexplored like the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific. The helps us to understand the mechanics of the oceans. We were also very seduced by Bernard’s bravery and the will and determination of his team. »

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