An encouraging race for the CORUM pair, although slightly disappointed by the end result, they continue to learn about the boat and the varying Atlantic conditions. Nicolas and Sebastian completed the early morning arrivals in Fort-de-France. Their first emotions are sighted below.

Nicolas Troussel -"It went very well with Sébastien. It's a bit of a special race, with some twists and turns and unusual weather conditions. It was fun to experience, with a part of the course that we didn't know very well, so there was a lot to discover. We are happy to have arrived here, it's the first transatlantic race for this boat, the first time she has spent so much time at sea. We're obviously a bit disappointed with the result, but it was nice, we had a great time, on the water we had a blast."

Sébastien Josse -"We didn't expect this start to the race, we had to be in the game right away, not miss the boat but we ended up missing it. There were some small moves to be made in the Doldrums, but there was no rally as we would have hoped. But it's always interesting to get so many miles on a boat, they are worth a lot. We are reassured that the boat is behaving like a modern IMOCA, like a foiler. As soon as we get the wind a little bit closer, it starts to move - We must learn to use all that a little more."