Despite little time for preparation the duo safely arrived this afternoon in Martinique. Their sail was a mix of beautiful moment and the odd repair but in all the pair had a great sail and finished 19th IMOCA on the 1st December.

Denis Van Weynbergh - "We fought hard to stay 19th. We didn't have the right sails for the conditions, especially our big spinnaker, which was a bit old, broke at Cape Finisterre. We tried to repair it, but it didn't work. Then we also tore our big gennaker.
It was a great pleasure to be on the water. The goal is reached, we had a great race, we had fun, and we had a good fight! It was just happiness! I've made up with the double! "

Tanguy Le Turquais - "We did the last week of racing downwind VMG under Code 0 in 15 knots of wind, so it was a bit long. We arrived on time. Our goal was not to finish out of the race, so it was a great success. It was a real rough road, we had a lot of problems, but we always knew how to repair. All this in a good mood!
It was my first experience in an IMOCA boat. I had only sailed her twice before the start, so my objective was to discover the boat, to try to finish to validate the miles for the Vendée Globe, and then we learned how to manage problems. We already knew that, but this race has only validated the fact that these boats must be perfectly prepared beforehand. We realized that this is where it made the difference on the water. We spent a lot of time doing repairs, so obviously we were a little less competitive. It was super satisfying because we were always going forward, we didn't know when we were going to get there, we were taking it day by day.
I think I have one image that sticks in my mind, when we spent the day fixing our spinnaker in the sun. Denis said it would work and when we sent it back, it worked! We spent 24 hours with a repaired spinnaker, and it was very beautiful for me. It was proof that anything is possible!"