The 'La Vague' (The Wave) collective - bringing together skippers and sustainable development players in the world of ocean racing - brought together more than 400 people this afternoon in an amphitheatre at the University of Southern Brittany in Lorient. An opportunity to reflect collectively on our sector.

Bio composites, science, education and impacts, the speakers shared knowledge and thoughts on the complex issues raised by the need to act to protect the environment and in particular the oceans.

The sailors from the La Vague collective present this Thursday, Roland Jourdain, Paul Meilhat, Arthur Le Vaillant,Gwénolé Gahinet,Stan Thuret, Adrien Hardy as well as Imogen Dinham-Price (in charge of sustainable development at the IMOCA class), managed with the help of UBS, Kairos, Quantis, Atka Polar School and Water Familly to gather a great audience. On the benches of the college, there were many other sailors, including François Gabart, (ex-IMOCA, winner of the 2012 Vendée Globe), as well as students, experts in bio-materials, engineers, technicians from the world of sailing and ocean racing, journalists and specialists of communication.

"Everything from the composites that we use to build our boats - is the future hemp or flax? The way we move things forward in the industries and how can we avoid the greenwashing. How we influence the future generation. How will they understand the sustainability and offshore racing." message from 'La Vague'

Why should the imoca class be concerned?

We are one of the most prestigious classes in the world and at the sharp end of innovation. It is more than just our role to take the lead in designing and developing our class in a sustainable way. This is one of our mission which will continue to evolve over time, we can't just change the system over night. We are trying, we hope that you will be able to sea it?