A rewarding final sail for Damien onboard Group Apicil, taking away both the first non-foiler position and Caribbean Diamond Trophy Price in IMOCA. The duo presents their first reactions below

Damien Seguin -"To finish first in the IMOCA class without foils was the goal we set ourselves, and it's always good to achieve your goals. After that, it was a long and complicated road to get there, but things went well at the end. The spinnaker would have changed a lot of things for sure, but we did well with the gennaker. There's the sporting and competitive side, and there's the life on board, which is very important to me. We had few doubts about the partnership, but it went well during 21 days at sea. When you start a race, it's to see the finish, and it's a first in Martinique. I had a little emotion when I crossed the line, it was my last one with this boat, I've sailed all over the world with it."

Benjamin Dutreux -"It wasn't easy, we didn't take a reef in the mainsail for the whole race, which is quite unusual when you cross the Atlantic. We sailed well, there was a good match. The loss of the spinnaker forced us to take some pretty clear-cut strategic options from the start of the race. You always learn when you meet people, I learnt a lot from Damien, and it was a great human adventure too. The boxes are well ticked. It's the culmination of all the work we've done over the last few months, it's a slice of life that has passed. It's true that it's intense to have spent 21 days on a boat together. It's nice to arrive here in Martinique.

Groupe APICIL claim their place as the new leader of the Caribbean Diamond Trophy Price in IMOCA

In each of the four classes of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, a timed challenge awards the Trophée Rocher du Diamant Caraïbe Price to the fastest boat on the very last leg of the course. Until now, in the IMOCA Class, it was the winner LinkedOut who had been the fastest (1h19) between the Rocher du Diamant and the finish. But the Damien Seguin - Benjamin Dutreux tandem was very fast this Sunday afternoon and took only 1h05 to reach the line. Groupe Apicil is therefore the new leader of the provisional ranking in the IMOCA Class. Nine boats will still have the opportunity to dethrone him.