Despite a small pulley breaking the duo fought till the end to catch Mie Câlin. Like others their route was not just plain sailing and both are looking forward to a well earned break in Martinique.

Manuel Cousin - "It's great to be here, we've had a lot of storms, a lot of light airs, but the boat is really promising. Obviously there is still a lot of work to do, the boat has been changed a lot this winter and we are getting used to it. I knew her by heart after the Vendée Globe and I'm rediscovering her. We had a lot of fun, I think it was a very close race in the end, there was a fight at all levels and we had fun. Clément Giraud and Erik Nigon fought like hell and well done to them, we didn't let them get away with it but they fought hard. We had no problems, apart from a small pulley that exploded, but the team and the preparers did a great job. There is still a lot of work to do but it is very exciting. It hasn't been easy every day, there are times when we could have been annoyed, with big days without wind, looking for the exit door, but no, it went well, we communicated a lot. We have grown from this. There is a small point of disappointment in terms of performance, we would have preferred to be in the place just ahead but that's part of the sport."

Alexia Barrier  -  "We fought to the end, we tried to catch La Mie Câline, we gave it our all until the end, it didn't work out but we had a great race. I think that Manu has a boat that has been modified quite a bit this winter and that it has a huge potential. We had a very difficult race, there were moments with very little wind, it felt like four doldrums. It's my first time in Martinique, I'm delighted to discover this new territory, I can't wait to settle down and go for a walk. We didn't have the instructions, now it's up to us to discover the new possibilities and for that, we took notes all along our route. We haven't really sailed together before, so we need time to get our bearings and that's what's interesting about double-handed racing. It's all about getting to know each other, getting to know each other and knowing how to team up but it takes a bit of time and I've enjoyed every day with her."