Ok so I can confirm true Southern Ocean conditions today. The outside temperature is 5 degrees. The wind is from the Antarctic, and bringing with it some interesting « cumulo-beasties » that have been making my day entertaining!

The wind speed varies from 15knots just behind the squall to 35 knots under the squall, and those “knots” are cold and dense and you can safely say that each squall is “packing a punch” today!

The last one came across, black and scary... I furled away the J2 just in time. And after the strong gusts of wind came a huge hail storm, covering my boat with little balls of ice!! Brrrrrr

I don’t have any heater on board Initiatives Coeur, but so far I am not cold. The closed cockpit helps keep the wind chill factor out, and I have some very good gear and clothing to keep me warm.

This is what I’m wearing:
Merino base layers
Musto Arctec 240 thermals
Musto Gore-Tex mid layer salopette
Musto primaloft jacket
Smartwool extreme merino socks
Musto GoreTex Socks
Merino wool “Buff”

Musto wind stopper mittens for inside
Cashmere wool beanie for inside (“L-overs”)
Feather down jacket for inside

I also have an Ursuit heated gilet that I haven’t had to use yet.

I’ve got an Ocean Sleep Wear sleeping bag that has a waterproof breathable shell and thick fleece lining

I wear my Crocs inside, and my Ruchaud boots on deck.

Now, just to go from one extreme to the other - when I spoke to Romain today he was too hot - off Brasil - it’s 30 degrees on board his boat!!!