Some news from Campagne de France.

Miranda Merron - Campagne de France

Well done Charal, and all the the others who provided a great spectacle. And well done Sam! Nice work, my friend.
The first finishers crossed the line doing 20 knots, and for me to even attain that kind of speed, it needs to be pretty windy, preferably reaching.
Last day at sea, if nothing untoward happens. ETA tomorrow morning, and I will be polite and arrive in daylight. Only 10 - 13 knots of wind at the moment, grey sea, grey sky. No change there! The advantage of being a slower boat is spending more time at sea. There is now some maritime traffic, having seen nothing for days. 
Tomorrow after the finish, a journalist is going to embark for the delivery to Cherbourg (no post-race festivities in Les Sables due to "restrictions"). He's a brave man - even if the boat is relatively clean, everything is slightly damp after 12 days at sea...