Message from the sea.

Sam Davies - Initiatives-Coeur

Errr…It is the perfect battle, it is just what I had imagined, and I’d add one more boat into that mix and that is MSACF who is just out sight for the moment.

Those three boats as I view as my direct competitors really are  Kevin, Isabelle, and Boris. They are all good sailors and they all really know their boats well and so it’s a pleasure as well to sail alongside them and to be with them as I respect them and so it is a great match. I am happy that it is like that and I have managed to keep up with them.

Yeah for sure, every time I go offshore with my boat, I learn something, and I gain confidence. I think that is the magic that makes offshore sailing.

Never an hour goes by without learning something or progressing, either about yourself or the boat and for sure, this is a great confidence booster. I am learning lots and my team is looking lots, especially about how to make the boat more reliable than what it was in the past and it is great that we have managed to work on the boat this year.

It is not necessarily this racecourse it is about sailing my boat, and I guess, I was born to have this enjoyment for being on the ocean and that has not decreased. The more I sail the more I discover that I still have that massive pleasure and enjoyment to be out here racing. So yeah, given the setback that we have not been able to go racing offshore for 6 months; it has been a long 6 months for me! And so maybe it makes it even more fun to get out here and remember how amazing it is – and what great opportunity we have to race these boats.