MDS is IMOCA’s health partner

Since 2003, IMOCA has been relying on the MDS Group, whose experience and expertise have enabled contracts to be drawn up which are perfectly suited to the skippers’ needs.

Aware of the risks incurred, IMOCA has always encouraged its skippers to anticipate difficult situations and put together a plan of action for coping with accidents. The Vendée Globe Organisation has approved this approach and is very much part of it alongside IMOCA.
As such, together with IMOCA, the Vendée Globe will have been something of a trailblazer in the field.

Since 2004 the SAEM Vendée has been alongside the skippers with regards their personal insurance.
For this edition the SAEM Vendée is playing an even greater role by covering 85% of the total amount for the insurance premium taken out by IMOCA through the MDS Group. Every skipper benefits from a capital guaranteed insurance amounting to €500 K in the event of total or partial disablement and whole-life.
This year, with the support of MDS, this insurance is free of charge to all those skippers competing in the Vendée Globe.