Alexia Barrier

4My Planet



a project at the service of the planet

Launched in 2009, Alexia Barrier's 4myplanet project is a comprehensive project at the service of the planet. Entirely supported by the Principality of Monaco, this initiative aims to contribute to scientific and technological research dealing with environmental issues. The boat is a genuine scientific research laboratory capable of collecting data on the Oceans, which is then broadcast via satellite and transmitted during stopovers to organisations like the CNRS, Ifremer, WWF and the Fondation Albert.Furthermore, Alexia Barrier is keen to trial new technological solutions so that her voyages set an example in the field of carbon emissions. The other objective of 4myplanet is to share her knowledge and help to educate youngsters about environmental issues using a teaching kit accessible to all, and recommended by ourselves, which is available here:

Download the kit:

4myplanet Kids (Anglais)
4myplanet Kids (Français)
4myplanet Kids (Espagnol)
4myplanet Kids (Portugais)