Charlie Enright

11TH Hour Racing


© Vincent Curutchet / IMOCA


"Ocean advocacy has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. That said, I had an awakening of sorts during my first lap of the planet. I saw things in the ocean that I never expected to see, especially in remote corners of the world. When the Volvo got to Newport, Rhode Island, my hometown, I was asked to speak at the very first Ocean Summit. It was at that point I realized there was a whole community out there trying to enact change. The feeling was quite overcoming and it drove me to get involved. Although I had done some work with 11th Hour Racing in the past, the Ocean Summit reinvigorated our relationship and put us down the path that we’re on today. Our commitment to sustainability has four main pillars: leadership, collaboration, legacy and innovation. We try to lead by example, work with inspiring partners, and make lasting, generational change by improving best practices. Areas that are of particular interest to me include: marine debris, climate change and COMPOSTING!" Charlie