Isabelle Joschke

Horizon Mixité


Promoting gender equality

Setting great store by gender diversity in society, Isabelle Joschke created the “Horizon Mixité” association with the journalist Martine Gauffeny back in 2012. Though sailing is the starting point for mobilising this project, the association’s sphere of activity extends to all areas of society: education, business, sport and politics... “I want to send a message to women everywhere: Go for it! Dare to make your dreams come true because it’s possible!”

“When I first got into offshore racing, the proportion of female competitors stood at between 5 and 10%. And yet, I received a very warm welcome into the environment and it seemed to me that this proportion would quickly grow. As such, initially I couldn’t understand why the situation wasn’t improving. In 2009, for example, I was the only female participant in the Solitaire du Figaro. Looking into the matter more closely, I realised that our society needed to be made aware of this data if we were to one day see as many women as men sailing offshore. I think that there needs to be a particular focus on educating young girls to develop a competitive spirit and establishing a better balance in the sharing of domestic chores. With Horizon Mixité, we’re hoping to set an example, which will prompt young girls to take up their passion and remind them that there is no profession which is not accessible to women, physique being much less of a barrier than our beliefs.”

This commitment to gender diversity is particularly echoed among health professionals,  policy holder clients of the MACSF. For a long time, women have dared to become surgeons, hospital professors, general practitioners and dental surgeons… Conversely, more and more men are daring to embark on studies into midwifery, nursing or nursing assistance, professions which are predominantly female.