AMPM brings together competent teams and high-performance industrial resources to respond precisely and quickly to its customers’ mechanical needs, across every sector, even the most complex.

Our main activity is the machining (turning and milling) of single, small and medium parts in all materials. In the nautical sector, we manufacture transmission shaft lines, rudders, complete structures, deck fittings and keels for many manufacturers.

Thanks to large dimensional machining facilities (up to 6 metres) and the multiple skills of the AMPM teams, we have been manufacturing mechanically welded or mass cut pins for many years.

It is on the strength of this experience that IMOCA has chosen AMPM since 2014 to be the exclusive keel supplier for its boats. In the 2016 Vendée Globe, AMPM equipped 7 new boats and for the 2020 Vendée Globe, 8 new boats will embark on the race with keels manufactured by AMPM.

In addition to machining, AMPM designs and manufactures Special Machines and boasts a multi-skilled team. Indeed, AMPM Services, manages the maintenance and transfer of a production unit or a complete plant, anywhere in the world, with complete autonomy or with the assistance of customers’ teams.

AMPM is a company belonging to the MECAMEN Group, an industrial group that brings together expert and complementary mechanical engineering companies. MECAMEN puts people, their know-how and their service at the heart of its mission. Today, MECAMEN employs more than 200 people and has a turnover of 24-million euros.

Since 2014, listening, mutual respect, perseverance and trust have enabled AMPM and IMOCA to provide teams involved in the races with a quality service recognized by all.

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