091006 Artemis 033

A Neville Hutton build in 2008, ARTEMIS II is a solidly constructed Open 60. Her righting moment, mast height and trim tab are grandfathered under the new IMOCA 60 rule.

Artemis II underwent a weight reduction programme in 2009 and subsequently a change in the air geometry of the mast in 2017 inducing 2.5 degrees of rake, which significantly improved performance. She is a strong and reliable IMOCA 60 with significantly fewer racing miles than others of the same generation and age. She comes with cradle, shipping cradle, container workshop and 9 meter support rib POA.

Contact: Simon Clay
Call +44 788 157 2970
Email: simon@whitecapltd.com
Link: http://whitecapltd.com/brokerage/artemis-ii/