UN Climate Change is inviting sports organisations and their stakeholders to join a collective climate action movement for sport. This initiative aims to support and guide sport stakeholders in achieving global climate change goals.

Sport organisations and their communities have therefore come together around a set of principles and created a collective initiative to engage their sectors on the global goals of the Paris Agreements.
Uniting behind a set of principles, they have recognised the role and duty of sport in climate commitments through a collective initiative: Sport For Climate Action

It is within this framework that the IMOCA Class joins the 187 other signatory sports organisations, by signing the letter of commitment initiated by S4CA (Sport For Climate Action), which presents the following 5 fundamental principles

Principle 1: Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental
environmental responsibility ;

Principle 2: Reduce the global impact on the climate;

Principle 3: Educate for climate action;

Principle 4: Promote sustainable and responsible consumption;

Principle 5: Promote climate action through communication.