Country GB

GRB 3030

Baptismal nameOCEANSLAB
ArchitectSam Manuard
Construction2023, Black Pepper Yachts
Launch date10/20/23



A platform for the advancement of clean technologies for the benefit of the ocean environment.

This new monohull designed by Manuard, is currently under construction at Black Pepper Yachts. The molds were made by recycling and remanufacturing old molds. Scheduled to be launched this summer, the boat will participate in the IMOCA Globe Series, starting with the Transat Jacques Vabre this fall, followed by a return race to qualify for the Vendée Globe 2024. Managed by OceansLab, a sustainable sports management company, this new IMOCA will be the subject of a unique and innovative ocean racing project aimed at demonstrating scalable clean technologies within the maritime sector. The IMOCA OceansLab will exclusively use hydrogen fuel cell technology, thanks to a Hydrogen Power Module, created and developed by the Genevos team, of which Sharp, with his passion for renewable energy innovations, is one of the co-founders. OceansLab will be the first racing boat to incorporate a hydrogen power system, a technology that is available for both commercial and recreational boats. This IMOCA boat's zero-emission power system will provide all the energy onboard, in addition to its propulsion when not racing. In addition to hydrogen fuel cell technology, OceansLab will demonstrate how other clean energy innovations, such as recyclable composite materials and solar PV, can work together to create an eco-efficient sailing boat. The OceansLab race boat will compete in the IMOCA Globe Series exclusively with zero fossil fuels aboard, emitting only water as a hydrogen fuel cell by-product. Key events include transatlantic races, the Transat Jaques Vabre, and the Route du Rhum, and round-the-world races the Vendée Globe, and The Ocean Race.

Length18,28 m
Draught4,50 m
Mast height29 m
Mast typeWings mat
Sail area max.
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