The company based in Lorient is a leader in the manufacture of carbon masts for offshore racing and has now been fully entrusted with the preparation of our boats.

Today, the majority of IMOCAs are equipped with Lorima carbon masts, the company having been chosen as the "official supplier" of one-design spars by the class.

Lorima has a unique wing mast construction technology. The masts are made in "one-shot", i.e. in a single piece in order to ensure homogeneity of assembly and alignment precision.  
The work is still very manual and Lorima's experts are among the best in the world.

The carbon mast lasts longer than an aluminium mast and simplifies the rigging. It makes it easier for the sailors to manoeuvre, especially in solo conditions. In addition, the use of carbon means a weight-saving in terms of height, reducing the heel of the monohull while sailing upwind, for increased performance.

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