Listen along as Rosalin Kuiper and Boris Herrmann are reminiscing about the short leg aarhus to The Hague and how intense it was during this period.

They discuss the whim of the wind and they can’t control this element.

Very fast trip around the world world and now they feel so slow. Reminded of the power of the elements. They are getting more sleep but also finding it hard to switch off.

They discuss the incident that happened with 11th Hour and Guyot and that they are happy that 11th hour are starting again even if they aren’t in the race.

The quiz section of the podcast starts with Boris asking about the spinnaker quiz and then boris asks the listeners to suggest what quote and who gave the quote that he just started.

Boris jokes and explains what the boatfeed is and how that works.

The pair discuss that they will run out of food before the end as they will have 3-4 days of no food if the race continues to take this long! The duo discuss what they will miss the most food wise.

The pair discuss the feeling of being last - trying to accept that it is light wind and there is not much they can physically do at the moment to go any faster! They also discuss the mentality of people in the light wind periods and how you feel when the weather is so light. 

They then discuss that Rosalin is in touch with Anne Meike on Holcim PRB and that they have been talking about the race.


Source : Team Malizia