Fabrice AMEDEO

IMOCA Globe Series23th
Points44 pts
Age46 (2/24/78)
Top performance11th of the Vendée Globe 2016-17
Joined Imoca on2015
BaseLorient (FRANCE)
PartnersNexans, Wewise, Hager Group, E3/DC, Groupe Onet, Groupe Guillin, Gaz Européen, Eolane, Twimm, Brioche Pasquier, Delostal & Thibault Groupe, Crédit Maritime Grand Ouest, Ipsilon, Marinpool
CommitmentOcean Calling


Journalist-sailor? Sailor-journalist? Fabrice Amedeo has decided not to choose between the two wakes he has been enthusiastically carving out for himself for some time. However, the call of the open ocean has gained the upper hand over recent years, prompting him to frequent the pontoons of La Trinité sur Mer more often than the newsroom at Le Figaro magazine.

Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe, Transat Jacques Vabre, first off in Class40 and then in Imoca, Fabrice has navigated his way along through application and hard work, making the summit of his own personal Everest in the winter of 2016-2017. 11th in the Vendée Globe 2016-17, he joined the inner circle of circumnavigators, commanding respect and carrying along a great many people with him in his journey to make a childhood dream come true.

A few months later, still driven by a desire to progress, Fabrice bought a ‘foiler’, one of the latest-generation flying boats. Sticking to the idea of pushing the envelope and also sharing his salty adventure with as many people as possible, he took the start of La Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe in 2018, a year they both celebrated their 40th birthday.

A competitor at heart, Fabrice Amedeo had to abandon the 2020-21 Vendée Globe due to a computer problem while sailing at the entrance to the Southern Ocean. "It's a decision that was difficult to take, but I accept it. I know I will bounce back." After a winter refit, the boat is back in the water under new colors, those of Nexans and Art & Fenêtres. After spending the first half of the season in the yard due to a violent backstay, the skipper, accompanied by the young Figaro racer Loïs Berrehar, finished tenth in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2021.

Following major modifications to his IMOCA with the installation of large C foils, Fabrice is back on the water in 2022 as of the first race of the season with the aim of racking up the miles and taking part in all the qualifying races for the 2024 Vendée Globe, a goal that he is still aiming for. Unfortunately, the skipper was forced to abandon the Route du Rhum and his boat, following a fire on board.

But Fabrice did not give up. Still supported by his partners, he found an IMOCA, Arnaud Boissières' old boat, which he left to find in Guadeloupe. He will be back on the water in 2023 on this new boat.

Sailing Highlights

2024 : The Transat CIC - 23th
2023 : Retour à La Base - 27th
2023 : Transat Jacques Vabre - 28th
2023 : Défi Azimut-Lorient Agglomération - Abandon
2022 : Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe - Abandon (naufrage)
2022 : Défi Azimut-Lorient Agglomération - 17th
2022 : Vendée Arctique - 19th
2022 : Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race - 19th
2021 : Transat Jacques Vabre - 10th
2020-2021 : Vendée Globe - Abandon le 11/12/2020 - Problème informatique
2020 : Vendée Arctique - 9th
2019 : Transat Jacques Vabre - 9th
2019 : Défi Azimut-Lorient Agglomération - 14th
2019 : Rolex Fastnet Race - 8th
2019 : ArMen Race - 5th
2019 : Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race - 7th
2018 : Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe - 12th
2018 : Défi Azimut-Lorient Agglomération - 8th
2018 : Drheam-Cup 700 - DNS
2018 : Monaco Globe Series - 3rd
2018 : Bermudes 1000 Race – Douarnenez / Cascais - 4th
2017 : Transat Jacques Vabre - 12th
2017 : Défi Azimut-Lorient Agglomération - 8th
2016-2017 : Vendée Globe - 11th
2016 : New York Vendée - Les Sables d'Olonne - 8th
2015 : Transat St Barth - Port La Forêt - 2nd
2015 : Transat Jacques Vabre - 8th
Other highlights

2014: Route du Rhum - 9th (Class40)
2013: Transat Jacques Vabre - 6th (Class40)
2012: Solitaire du Chocolat - 3rd (Class40)
2012: Transat Quebec Saint Malo - 4th (Class40)
2008: Route du Rhum - 26th (Class40)
2008: Solitaire du Figaro - ABD
2008: Transat AG2R - ABD


Sail numberFRA 56
ArchitectOwen Clarke Design
Construction2007, Hakes Marine, Nouvelle-Zélande
Former namesEcover III, Mike Golding Racing, Président, Gamesa, Currency House Kilcullen, Kilcullen Voyager - Team Ireland, Rêve de large - Région Guadeloupe
Length18,28 m
Beam5,8 m
Draught4,50 m
Weight7,9 tonnes
Mast height28,5 m
Mast typeWing mast
Sail area max.
Upwind260 m2
Downwind435 m2
© Jean-Louis Carli
© © Jean-Marie LIOT
© © Jean-Marie LIOT
© Jean-Marie LIOT
© Jean-Marie LIOT
© Jean-Marie LIOT
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