IMOCA Globe Series-
Age58 (10/28/62)
Top performanceFinisher of the Vendée Globe 2020-21
Joined Imoca on2018
TeamAri Huusela Ocean Racing
PartnersStark, Climecon, Edzcom, HPP Attorneys, Helly Hansen, Seapoint, Targa, B&G, Duell Marine


Unlike many in the sport, I began sailing as adult.  I soon realized that sailing would be my other passion in addition to flying. Now I have 30 years of experience in ocean racing.

"There are many variables to master – driving the boat; analyzing weather; withstanding extreme conditions; mental strength; and physical endurance. Huusela has been driven by a hunger to accomplish his goals and the unbelievable beauty of being alone at sea.

During all these years from his first trans Atlantic Classe Mini race in 1999 Huusela has kept his daytime job and still continues working. His professional background is a benefit in understanding a sailboat as he worked many years as an airplane mechanic. In his current day job with the A350 captain’s hat on, Huusela says he sort of sails in the air. Only the airplane wing is horizontal, while a sailboat’s wing is set up vertically.

As a pilot and a skipper Huusela typically approaches things with realistic expectations. He has earned every and each of his achievements by hard work. Everyone is allowed to dream big, though."

First Nordic 

It takes a lot of determination, discipline, entrepreneurship, commitment and forward-thinking partners to participate in this world-class sport. Coming from the remote northern seas that freeze over in winter and where few people know the enormous influence of these adventurous, high-performance ocean races, Ari Hussela and his team decided to build a human project within their reach. The first Nordic to take up the challenge, Ari Hussela will start the Route du Rhum in 2018, then the Transat Jacques Vabre in 2019, with the goal of the 2020 Vendée Globe. 

On March 5, 2021, Ari succeeded in his challenge and completed his solo round-the-world race in 116 days. 

Sailing Highlights

2020 : Vendée Globe - 25th (116d 18h 15min 46s)
Transat Jacques Vabre - 26th
Bermudes 1000 Race - 16th
2018: Route du Rhum 2018 - 11th 
2014: Route du Rhum - 9th
2007: Mini Transat - 55th
1999: Mini Transat - 13th


Sail numberFIN 222
ArchitectOwen Clarke Design
Construction2007, Hakes Marine, Wellington (Nouvelle-Zélande)
Former namesAriel II
Length18,28 m
Beam5,57 m
Draught4,5 m
Weight8,5 tonnes
Mast height29 m
Mast typeMât Classique
Sail area max.
Upwind270 m2
Downwind580 m2


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