On July 6th 2020 at 07:00 (TU) skipper Kojiro Shiraishi onboard “DMG MORI Global One” had a problem with his main sail’s hook system.

Kojiro is now sailing under 2 reefs with 15 knots of North West wind and but cannot hoist the mainsail higher than the second reef.

With wind dropping within the next hours, this problem will make the boat slower than usual.

The shore team is proposing different solutions to try to fix this problem. Kojiro is waiting better weather conditions to try to repair the hook system.

More information to come


Update at 18:00 (CET)

DMG MORI Global One skipper, Kojiro Shiraishi fixed the main sail hooking problem.

After long talks between Kojiro and the team, Kojiro was able to find a solution to his problem and fix the hooking issue at around UTC 1400.

Kojiro also took this quiet time to climb up to the mast around the height of the radar to fix a lazy jack issue he encountered earlier last night.

He is now sailing under full main sail and back in the race.