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  • Azimut Communication

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Official Partner


Azimut Communication


Azimut Communication, a Breton company based in Lorient (France), specialises in the area of IT and Communications.
The firm develops software and hardware solutions aimed at all those involved in the communications sector.
Based on the idea that the media are complementary, Azimut offers solutions that bring together all this data (texts, images, audio, video…) enabling them to be broadcast on various media: Internet, interactive terminals, screens, touch screens, Smartphones).

The Azimut software package offers another dimension to communication by combining a number of access points ( TV networks, terminals, cyber space…) and by simplifying the management and optimising the messages.
Azimut looks after the technical and computer infrastructure that is required by such modern digital communications.

Creator of interactive units and multimedia management software designer, Azimut looks after the whole of the communications chain and has been taking care of its customers’ requirements for more than twenty years.





Risk Manager and advisor to IMOCA in terms of insurance

The Tolrip Company is based in Brussels and managed by Mr René Pirlot.

Mr Pirlot has been the IMOCA Class’ Risk Manager since 2010.
When he took up the role, it was very difficult to insure an IMOCA and the amount for the premiums was prohibitive.
Today IMOCA is in a position to provide its members with reliable insurance solutions at competitive prices, which are compatible with the lifespan of our projects. This is the result of the meticulous work, carried out on a global scale and turned into reality with PANTAENIUS, the world leader in yacht insurance.

In addition to boat insurance, Mr Pirlot has also put a lot of energy into arranging a suitable personal insurance for our skippers. His input has enabled us to move things forward with our insurer, MDS, as well as providing our skippers with cover which is suited to the job they do.

When Tolrip steps off our IMOCAs, it provides solutions for all the special risks associated with Sport as well as the organisation of publicity events.


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