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Offshore training of 260 miles for seven IMOCA from the Pôle ...

With Voile Banque Populaire - Armel Le Cléac'h et Erwan Tabarly, Mono60 Edmond de Rothschild - Sébastien Josse et Charles Caudrelier, Maître CoQ - Jérémie Beyou et Philippe Legros, Yann Eliès - Groupe Quéguiner et Charlie Dalin, Vincent Riou - PRB - Vendée Globe et Sébastien Col, Safran Sailing Team - Morgan Lagravière et Nicolas Lunven, SMAVoile- Paul Meilhat et Michel Desjoyeaux...


IMOCA are back to school

Trainings resumed in Finistère Pole Offshore Racing.

All the boats are in classroom and in preparation of the Transat Jacques Vabre race next part of the program of the IMOCA World Championship, starting next October 25 in Le Havre, rallying for a transatlantic Le Havre to Itajai in Brazil for the second time.
Photo credit: MK


Fly or not fly?

What will be the performance of new mounts feature the famous foils supposed to enable significant performance gain some manners? This is a new field of investigation that opens and surely he will have to change habits to best harness the potential of the foils. On this point, competitors, architects and shipyards are in agreement: it will be difficult to compare the navigation angles monohull equipped with foils from those of more conventional units. But that's what makes the fascinating exercise!


IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship 2015 - 2016 !

Let's go for the season 2015-2016 of the Championnat du Monde IMOCA Ocean Masters!


  • Rolex Fastnet Race (double handed) - 16 august 2015 - Coef 1
  • Transat Jacques Vabre (double handed) - 25 october 2015 - Coef 3
  • Transat B2B (solo handed) - 6 december 2015 - Coef 4
  • Transat New York-Vendée (solo handed) - 29 may 2016 - Coef 4
  • Vendée Globe (solo handed) - 6 november 2016 - Coef 10
IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship

IMOCA Ocean Masters Team's partners have heart

Four new partnerships have recently been formalized on the circuit IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship: « Comme 1 Seul Homme » of Eric Bellion, « Newrest - Matmut » of Fabrice Amedeo, « Le Bateau des Métiers by AéroCampus Aquitaine » of Arnaud Boissières and « Le Souffle du Nord pour le Projet Imagine » of Thomas Ruyant. At the heart of these new projects: sponsorship, humanism. Sailing is an excellent vector for human values. These values, ubiquitous in the heart of sailing partnerships are rarely exploited in the foreground.


21 crews at the start of teh Transat Jacques Vabre, 2nd race of teh IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship!

They are 21 registered in IMOCA60 category! 42 skippers will compete on the legendary double-handed transatlantic race between Le Havre and Itajai, Brazil! Vincent Riou and his PRB will have to use to retain the title against the competition! With a coefficient of 3 to the classification of the IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship, there are points to be taken!

Transat Jacques Vabre

Artemis Challenge: Brief warm-up in Cowes Week

A very good mix for the 8th edition of the Artemis Challenge on August 13 in Cowes! No less than 10 IMOCA60 will try to break the record of the Isle of Wight Tour, which takes since 2008 in 4:13 '48' ':-) This will be the objective of this day for the regulars of the event as PRB, HUGO BOSS, Safran or Artemis Ocean Racing, but also for newcomers like Comme 1 Seul Homme, SMA and Kilcullen Voyager!

Artemis Challenge

The Rolex Fastnet Race: The kick-off to the IMOCA Ocean Masters 2015-16 new season !

13 IMOCA from the legendary Rolex Fastnet Race in Cowes (Isle of Wight, UK) on 16 August!

First official race of the season to take the first points for the 13 pairs of skippers who will try to take over from Michel Desjoyeaux and François Gabart, winners of the previous edition with MACIF in 2 days, 19h 22 '19 ".

New boats, developments and mounts proven, experienced skippers and "newcomers", the 2015 edition of the British Classic race should keep all its promises!


Rolex Fastnet Race


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01 Vincent RIOU 069 pts
02 Fabrice AMEDEO 063 pts
03 Yann ELIES 062 pts
04 Thomas RUYANT 061 pts
05 Armel LE CLEAC'H 057 pts
06 Tanguy DE LAMOTTE 053 pts
07 Sébastien COL 51,75 pts
08 Charlie DALIN 46,5 pts
09 Eric BELLION 045 pts
09 Bertrand DE BROC 045 pts
11 Erwan TABARLY 42,75 pts
11 Adrien HARDY 42,75 pts
13 Samantha DAVIES 39,75 pts
14 Louis BURTON 036 pts
15 Marc GUILLEMOT 33,75 pts
16 Sam GOODCHILD 31,5 pts
17 Sébastien JOSSE 031 pts
18 Eric PERON 29,25 pts
19 Romain ATTANASIO 027 pts
20 Enda O'COINEEN 022 pts
21 Morgan LAGRAVIERE 019 pts
22 Paul MEILHAT 008 pts
23 Eric HOLDEN 007 pts
24 Jean-Pierre DICK 003 pts
24 Jérémie BEYOU 003 pts
24 Michel DESJOYEAUX 003 pts
24 Kito DE PAVANT 003 pts
24 Alex THOMSON 003 pts
24 Arnaud BOISSIERES 003 pts
24 Nándor FA 003 pts
24 Nicolas BOIDEVEZI 003 pts
32 Fabien DELAHAYE 2,25 pts
32 Philippe LEGROS 2,25 pts
32 Nicolas LUNVEN 2,25 pts
32 Yann REGNIAU 2,25 pts
32 Charles CAUDRELIER 2,25 pts
32 Guillermo ALTADILL 2,25 pts
32 Stan MASLARD 2,25 pts
32 Peter PERENYI 2,25 pts
32 Morgen WATSON 2,25 pts
32 Ryan BREYMAIER 2,25 pts
42 David KENEFICK 1,5 pts
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Photos: Benoit Stichelbaut / Sea & Co Read more
Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sport meets Science: World´s best skippers help observing the Ocean down south

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) and IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship team up to gather climate data in remote oceans, and particularly the Southern OceanThe...
Photo: Pierrick Contin / DPPI / Safran Read more
Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Transat Saint-Barth / Port-la-Forêt: Hats off

The Transat Saint-Barth / Port-la-Forêt rounded off this Wednesday 23 December with the arrival of Morgan Lagravière (Safran), who completes his transatlantic race and secures his ticket ...
Photo: Julien Girardot / Sea & Co Read more
Sunday, December 20, 2015

Podium position for Ireland’s Enda O’Coineen

In an exceptional performance, Ireland’s Enda O’Coineen aboard his IMOCA 60 Currency House Kilcullen completed the podium in the IMOCA Ocean Masters Transat St Barth-Port la Forêt, t...

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Vendée Globe

Scheduled start on  Sunday, November 6, 2016


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