The 33 IMOCA boats at sea have made their choice. 12 boats have headed west, while 21 have headed south. The suspense is at its height, particularly at Beyou Racing, where the two projects hosted by the team have gone in opposite directions., currently at the top of the rankings, has taken the road to the crests, while Charal is leading the pack of southerners.

We met up with Jean-Sébastien Chénier Proteau, the team manager, and Simone Gaeta, boat captain of the IMOCA skippered by Justine Mettraux, at Lorient La Base to find out how a race like this is run internally.

At sea, the sailors are having a great time. It's slippery for some, and that's good for them. Up north, the trampoline is the order of the day, but the duos aren't complaining. Everyone is giving it their all to get to Martinique as quickly as possible.

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