Let's take a look at the exciting preparations for the Vendée Globe. For the IMOCA skippers, 2024 is a momentous year, marking the culmination of their efforts. Sailing around the world single-handed is their ultimate ambition, and taking the start represents their first victory.

ALL ACCESS is the new web series produced by IMOCA in partnership with Harken. Its aim is to immerse you in the world of the skippers and behind the scenes of their teams throughout the year, at the heart of their intense preparation for the major challenge that awaits them at the end of the year.

In this first episode, we join Paul Meilhat and his Biotherm team on the eve of the launch of their IMOCA boat. After three months of hard work, the team share with us the palpable excitement surrounding this new phase of their project, which has been progressing at full speed since the launch of their 60-foot boat in 2022.