This week, we went all the way to Gosport, England, to discover the behind-the-scenes of L'Occitane en Provence. Born in the summer of 2023, this competitive project is progressing at a steady pace under the guidance of Alex Thomson. Immerse yourself in their intense daily life

Let's dive into the thrilling preparations for the Vendée Globe. For the #IMOCA skippers, the year 2024 holds paramount importance, marking the culmination of their efforts. Sailing around the world solo is their ultimate ambition, and taking the start represents their first victory.

ALL ACCESS is the new web series produced by IMOCA in partnership with Harken. Its aim: to immerse you in the world of the skippers and behind-the-scenes of their teams throughout the year, at the heart of their intense preparation for the major challenge awaiting them at the end of the year.