Antoine Cornic crossed the finish line of the twelfth edition of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe this Wednesday, November 23 at 16 hours 49 minutes and 25' local time (21h 49mn 25' Paris time). He finished 22nd in the IMOCA class with a race time of 14 days 7 hours 34 minutes 25 seconds.

The skipper of Human Immobilier sailed the 3,542 miles of the course between Saint-Malo and Pointe-à-Pitre at a speed of 10.31 knots on the great circle route (the direct route). He actually sailed 4,073.53 miles at an average speed of 11.86 knots. He arrived in Pointe-à-Pitre 2 days 13 hours 58 minutes 0 seconds after the winner of the IMOCA Class, Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut).

"It was a great race, in the end I was a bit afraid that the Vendée Globe challenge would take precedence over the race, with this omnipresent fear of breaking. As time went by, with the contact with the others and the taste for competition, I didn't think about it anymore. I really enjoyed myself.

What was great was that the two big frontal passages and the ridge required a lot of strategy. It was great! Then we started to have some nice slides in the trade winds. I hit a UFO (unidentified floating object), 4 or 5 days ago now. We noticed that the keel head was cracked. The front cheek is cracked and tomorrow we have an appointment with the boilermakers to solve the problem and leave, or else it will be a return by cargo. It was an extra stress for sure. I stopped going to see the keel two days ago. I could see the crack opening when the keel hit the waves. It held, and I am very happy, I am very happy to be in Pointe-à-Pitre. The tour of Guadeloupe was rainy! The Soufrière left us completely stuck, there were squalls, rain, I could not see the coasts of Guadeloupe, it's a pity. The Saintes channel was the same with a big cartridge at 35 knots. This tour of Guadeloupe is a test of the race, to finish you well, to rinse you well one last time. I'm very happy with my race, my choices, very happy with the boat. I learned a lot of things. I feel good on board, 15 days was almost too short. I haven't broken anything on the boat, not a rope, not a pulley, it's great fun, my team is great, I'm ready for new adventures!"