Whilst sailing in 5th position in The Transat CIC fleet, Nicolas Lunven, skipper of the IMOCA Holcim-PRB, informed his shore team at 10h HF this Wednesday morning that his bowsprit had broken. The damage occurred during the night, when he was sailing in strong winds.

Despite this damage, Nicolas is continuing his race to New York and the team is monitoring his progress to ensure that he finishes the race in optimum safety conditions.
‘The bowsprit is damaged and unusable, which means I won't be able to use my downwind sails for the rest of the race. We had prepared for every scenario for The Transat CIC and I have every confidence in my boat's ability to make it to New York in a race’.
The technical team is currently analysing all the solutions for repairing Holcim-PRB as soon as she arrives in New York.

Source : The Transat CIC