Jean-Pierre Dick VS Yann Eliès

What are your main reasons for your participation in the Rolex Fastnet Race and what are your expectations?

What are your main reasons for your participation in the Rolex Fastnet Race and what are your expectations?

Yann: "It is expected to have low wind conditions which are not very conducive to StMichel-Virbac, more efficient in higher winds. Our goal of result would be rather the podium. We are going to measure the competition that looks quite tough because the boats of older generations are performing in these lights winds. "


JP: "The main objective of this Fastnet is to validate our operation together with Yann, to" break-in our duo "and to set up automatisms. We are aiming for the podium. And after our ambitions will go up on the following races, with in mind this fourth victory in the Transat Jacques Vabre. "


Expectations ?

Our joint goal with Yann is to improve our duo to be efficient in double handed race. It’s very important this year for reaching our objective to win the Transat Jacques Vabre.


Which part of the race do you find the most challenging?

The start of the race to the Needles is often difficult because you need to adjust a lot the boat. It’s a tiring part. Afterwards in the Irish Sea, we often meet difficult conditions. It’s a big challenge of the race. The famous capes in England are known for their flow, we need to negotiate them.


What particular object or personal stuff will you take for this race?

“The Fastnet Rock is a legendary point of the race. When you are in front of this famous lighthouse, it’s a special and emotional moment. The Fastnet Rock is mythical for sailors. I will take also on board my lucky pillow, my “Morrisburg” which did all of my fourth Vendée Globe.”


The course seen by .... Yann Eliès

Yann: "It is a course both coastal and deep-sea that brings us to the Fastnet, passing near the Scilly. The exit of the Solent is magic because we cross a variety of boats. Then the fleet crashes, there are several races in the race. The event is played at the Scilly, it is a place where there are many obstacles, TSS (Traffic Separation Scheme) which requires taking very decided options and it’s conditioning the placement for the Irish Sea. We will have a good idea in the passage of the Fastnet of the final ranking. "


Anne-Charlotte Meyer / Chargée de Communication