At the end of an express transatlantic crossing for some and a more eventful one for others, we meet up with the crews in Aarhus, Denmark.

In this sixth episode, we follow the Biotherm team on their commando mission in Norway, welcome Franck Cammas and Francesca Clapcich to the 11th Hour Racing Team and celebrate Guyot environnement-Team Europe's return to racing with the whole of The Ocean Race family.

The fifth leg was synonymous with intensity, as the crews drove at breakneck speeds. However, not everyone was able to keep up the pace. Biotherm, which broke its shroud almost halfway through the leg, had to sail slowly but surely to avoid dismasting. The team, skippered by Paul Meilhat, then crossed the line (to the north of Scotland) several days late and finally made port in Kristiansand, Norway, to make repairs and set off again quickly for Aarhus to take part in the In-Port Race.

Meanwhile, Guyot environnement-Team Europe has just arrived in Kiel, Germany, with what they call a 'kit' boat. With a hull to repair and a mast that had only just arrived, it was a big job, but the Sablais team rose to the challenge of getting back into the race for the sixth leg, a feat made possible in part thanks to the solidarity of the other teams and The Ocean Race organisation. An emotional moment filmed by polaRYSE's Marin Le Roux, accompanied by the IMOCA boat.

Six episodes produced and already 350 thousand views on the different plateforms!

STOPOVER, a series produced by IMOCA in collaboration with Ouest-France and Harken, is divided into eight episodes of fifteen to twenty-five minutes, produced at each stopover, which explores the consequences of the previous leg and anticipate the one to come. Families, replacements, injuries or repairs, the race continues in the hands of the shore team or in the minds of the sailors. We follow characters that we discover and become attached to. We enter the teams' changing rooms on the edge of the craziest of playing fields.

In this sixth episode...

. Alizée Vauquelin, Technical Director, Biotherm
. Paul Meilhat, Biotherm skipper
. Francesca Clapcich, sailor on 11th Hour Racing Team
. Franck Cammas, sailing on 11th Hour Racing Team
. Axel Lévesque, member of Guyot environnement-Team Europe