Country CH
IMOCA Globe Series-
Age54 (5/12/69)
Top performance
Joined Imoca on2021
TeamBeat Fankhauser Racing
PartnersAs an ambitious new team, they are looking for strong partners


Beat was born in Switzerland and comes from Trub / Bern, grew up in the Tyrolean mountains near Wörgl in Austria and has lived on Mallorca for years.

"As a horticulturalist you have a lot of time in the Tyrolean mountains in winter to do other jobs in the mountains," hence the name for our ship #themountainman.

He sailed around Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope and already conquered the rough seas between Australia and New Zealand. Beat has already presented his adventures on various TV channels. He also checked the new material for seaworthiness for some boat manufacturers.

For 7 years Beat has been training in his spare time at an old Open 60, mainly in Barcelona. From then on he fought for the realization of his lifelong dream.

“Of course I'm the underdog first. But with my decades of experience on all the world's oceans and my years of preparation, I am well equipped, "says Beat confidently, who has spent around 48 weeks a year on board various sailboats since 2015 and about 20,000 nautical miles per year on almost all seas in the world let himself. Beat Fankhauser -The man from the mountains. A mixture of strong willpower, decades of experience and a good dose of humor. A man who calls wind and waves his home and wants to return there again and again.