Nándor FA

Nándor FA
Country HU
IMOCA Globe Series47th
Points10 pts
Age70 (7/9/53)
Top performance
TeamSzabi Ocean Racing


Sailing Highlights

2023: Rolex Fastnet Race - 25th
2015 :
Barcelona World Race
2015 : Transat Jacques Vabre
1996 : Vendée Globe 1996-97 - The boat was named BUDAPEST - called after capital of Hungary.
The main sail was wearing the symbol of the Hungarian millennium.
– designer: Nándor Fa

– implementer: Fa Hajó Ltd. -Nándor Fa's company
But technical problems...

1993 : Vendée Globe 1992-93 non-stop singlehanded sailing race - 60 foot sailing boat
designed and built: Nandor Fa (rebuilt the former Alba Regia 60)
name of the boat: KandH Bank-Matáv
5th place
First non-french skipper finished the Vendée Globe
1991 : B.O.C. Challenge Around the world sailin race - with officially 4 stopover - Nandor Fa designed an built his 60 foot racing boat in Hungary.
Name of the boat: ALBA REGIA - the historical name of his hometown.
Result: 11th place - he lost 4 weeks cosed by broken rudders.
Spirit of the BOC Award
1987 : St. Jupát 31 foot crusing - around a world - 2 handed - First Hungarian sailor around the world by sailingboat -31 foot crusing boat - around the capes, west to east.
Nandor Fa built the sailingboat to make this trip with his friend, after he couldn't participate the Olimpic games in Los Angeles - even he was the top elected Fin sailor - he was unable to because of the Soviet bycott against the LA Olympic games.
During the trip he was listening to the radio and realized there is an exiting race, named BOC Challenge - meantime they were sailing, started to draw his ideas about a 60 foot racing boat.
After he arrived back of the 2 years sailing trip to Hungary - the 2 friend became really heros with their freedom-philosophie,
NANDOR has written his book " 700 days of St Jupát" - became a really bestseller in Hungary.