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Nationality : Française
Age : 40 years
World champion : 2008
Website : www.voile.banquepopulaire.fr

General ranking

Season Ranking points
2015-2016 Season 1 351 pts
2012-2013 season 2 205 pts
2011 - 2012 Season 2 259 pts
Immersed in sailing from a very young age, Armel Le Cléac’h discovered the joys of sea gliding on an Optimist in Saint-Polde-Leon. His dreams of sailing the oceans became stronger and the young boy developped a strong character. A relentless worker, both methodical and determined, Armel has put all the odds on his side and remains excited about new challenges. From the moment he started sailing in the 2000 Solitaire du Figaro, he left his fellow skippers in awe by finishing first of the rookies’ rankings and taking the second place overall. He then took on the Tour de France à la Voile, which he won in 2001. In 2003, he entered the very exclusive circle of the Solitaire winners by beating Alain Gautier by a whisker. Impressed with the talent of the young yachtsman, Alain Gautier decided to trust him with the helm of his Figaro, Foncia, on which he won the 7th edition of the Transat AG2R. In 2005, Armel set his sights on the IMOCA Championship with a new sponsor, Brit’Air, and a new goal: the Vendée Globe.

His second place in the 2008 Vendée Globe earned him respect as it is remembered as an incredible racing feat which revealed a spirited, combative and generous man. Being both expected and feared, Armel made a noticed comeback in the 2010 Figaro Bénéteau Championship by winning the Transat AG2R and becoming a two-time winner of the Solitaire. A few months later, he finished second in the legendary Route du Rhum. In 2011, after his sponsor Brit’Air retired, he joined the Banque
Populaire Sailing Team. Recognized as one of the best sailors of his generation, he became the skipper of the recently purchased Banque Populaire 60-foot race yacht with one clear objective: the Vendée Globe.

IMOCA races historic

nautical resume

2016 - Transat NY - Vendée

2015 - Transat Jacques Vabre

2014 - Route de la Découverte

2014 - Record des 24h

2013 - Record de la Méditerranée

2013 - Vendée Globe

2012 - Europa Warm'Up

3rd in the Europa Warm'Up

2011 - Transat Jacques Vabre

3rd in the Transat Jacques Vabre

2011 - Transat B to B

2nd in the Transat B to B

2010 - Transat Ag2r

Winner of the Transat Ag2r with Fabien Delahaye

2010 - Solitaire du Figaro

Winner of the Solitaire du Figaro

2010 - Route du Rhum

2nd in the Route du Rhum

2008 - The Artemis Transat

2nd in The Artemis Transat

2008 - Vendée Globe

2nd in the Vendée Globe 2008-2009

2006 - Solitaire du Figaro

4th in the Solitaire du Figaro

2006 - Route du Rhum

4th in the Route du Rhum

2004 - Transat Ag2r

Winner of the Transat Ag2r with Nicolas Troussel

2003 - Solitaire du Figaro

Winner of La Solitaire du Figaro

2000 - Solitaire du Figaro

2nd in La Solitaire du Figaro and 1st rookie

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