In this fourth episode of the STOPOVER series, we meet up with the crews of The Ocean Race at the end of a 35-day marathon in the Southern Ocean, a unique moment of reunion savoured by all before setting sail again towards Newport.

The five teams have been immersed in the world of The Ocean Race for four months now, sharing their daily lives and living like families from stage to stage. In this episode, we meet the people who stay ashore, those who the sailors meet up with for a few days before setting off again, but who are essential to the success of the crews at sea.

In this episode; Team Malizia's victory, a debriefing of the race with Boris Herrmann and Kevin Escoffier, the return to life on land with Sam Goodchild and Tom Laperche, the management of family life in parallel with the race with Simon Fisher, the return to the race of Guyot environnement-Team Europe, the arrival of the new sailors alongside Marie Riou... And other moments in the lives of the sailors, their families and their teams, filmed by Marin Le Roux from polaRYSE with the IMOCA Class.

Eight episodes of STOPOVER

STOPOVER, a series produced by IMOCA in collaboration with Ouest-France and Harken, is divided into eight episodes of fifteen to twenty-five minutes, produced at each stopover, which explores the consequences of the previous leg and anticipate the one to come. Families, replacements, injuries or repairs, the race continues in the hands of the shore team or in the minds of the sailors. We follow characters that we discover and become attached to. We enter the teams' changing rooms on the edge of the craziest of playing fields.