This morning there were some magnificent squall clouds to indicate that we’re not far from the south Atlantic convergence zone.

Today the wind dropped, steadily all day. Slowly things began to become possible on board: like sticking my head outside the cockpit roof without getting drenched, being able to move around, to go forward and check on the bow...

Suddenly I realised it was time to check off some little jobs and checks whilst the going was calm. A bit of rope work to repair some chaffe, a climb around inside the boat from front to back to check the structure, check in the keel box and the foil cases....

I even managed to clean up some more of the sardine oil (from a sardine tin explosion in the first days of the race!) This is the first real calm day since the start so I’m not complaining (yet!) I can feel all the muscles in my body slowly relax as there is no threat of being thrown across the boat today.

Having made the most of the quiet patch, I’m ready to take off again now, so bring on the wind! I will have to be a bit patient as we have a couple of tricky light wind days to negotiate before we will find the wind again.

So I will make the most of this peaceful evening to recharge my batteries!

Bonne nuit