Discover the winter mutation of the IMOCA Malizia II-YC of Monaco and in particular the genesis of a new set of foils! Here are the first two episodes of the series 'Super Charged'.

Chapter 1: boat modifications

Malizia has had a full overhaul through the winter, listen as skipper Boris Herrmann explains what we have done and gives you a look at the new foils.

Chapter 2: new foils

Watch as Boris explains Malizia's new foils and how the boat has been modified to take these 6m long wings. With 10,000+ man-hours and a team working around the clock.

Chapter 3: Hull reinforcement

Malizia and Boris tell you more about the improvements and reinforcement carried out on the hull.

Chapter 4: bow modifications

Team Malizia and Boris give you all the information on the modification of the bow. See how the team rebuilt the crash box, a safety feature that breaks off if Malizia were to crash into something on the waterline. The team modified this to round the nose and created more of a slope to improve the movement through the water.

Chapter 5: Refit team

Meet Malizia's team who have been working on the refit of the boat for the last months and see what their day to day has looked like.