Tanguy De Lamotte VS Sam Davies

1st race with the foils, how do you feel about the race?

1st race with the foils, how do you feel about the race?
Tanguy: Very excited to leave on this new boat with Sam. We sailed well at the beginning of the season and we got used to speed with foils but we discover every day new sensations. Can’t wait to race with others ;-)
Sam: I can’t wait, especially since I have not sailed in IMOCA since 2015, and we are "rookies" in foil - we have a lot to discover and learn
Tanguy, following the Vendée Globe, have you rested?
Yes, I loaded the batteries while the other competitors were sailing and we quickly resumed at the beginning of the year with the acquisition of the new boat to set everything as smoothly as possible with the team and the partners
Are you ready to start a new season?
Tanguy: Yes, the double-handed years are always very different from solo-handed years especially after the Vendée Globe. We know each other well with Sam and we knew before the start of the Vendée Globe that we would do the Transat Jacques Vabre together so we quickly put ourselves in this configuration.
Sam: More than ready after a year "on the ground" - I regained the energy to be 100% thoroughly!
How did you prepare to sail in double-handed configuration?
Tanguy: Crew training and double-handed sessions in Lorient with Tanguy Leglatin and with Isabelle Joschke then Jean-Pierre Dick
Sam: We are not starting from zero, because we have made a lot of progress as a duo during the year 2015 when we sailed together. So, since the launch, we resume with a new boat to discover.
What is your state of mind?
Tanguy: Discover the boat and give everything on the water to be at the top since the Fastnet
Sam: The discovery, the pleasure of sailing on a boat equipped with foils, the happiness of sailing together with Tanguy - we get along very well on the boat and we are complementary.
Describe your partner in 3 words
Tanguy about Sam: Enthusiastic, implemented, high performance
Sam about Tanguy: Support, supportive, family
Better quality
Tanguy about Sam: The good mood, always willing
Sam about Tanguy: Enthusiasm, passion, trusts in us.
Which conditions would be ideal for you on this 2017 edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race?
Tanguy: Fast and not too random to be able to race without it being the Russian roulette
Sam: Anything or everything I'm too happy about!