Following the success of ‘The Grand Finale’ in 2023, Genova will be a key stopover for The Ocean Race Europe in 2025.

The Italian city of Genova and The Ocean Race will extend their close relationship with The Ocean Race Europe bringing a fleet of foiling IMOCA race boats to the Mediterranean port in the late summer of 2025.

As host of two editions of The Ocean Race Summits, as well as the finale of both the 2021 edition of The Ocean Race Europe and the last around the world race in the summer 2023, Genova has shown itself to be a passionate and engaged partner in sport and sustainability, bringing Italian flair and hospitality to the Race.

This second edition of The Ocean Race Europe will build on the foundations of the inaugural race in 2021 and be held under the banner of “Connecting Europe” with a race course that stretches from the Baltic Sea, through the North Sea and English Channel, into the Atlantic Ocean before a finish in the Mediterranean Sea, with up to seven stopover ports.

The Ocean Race Europe enjoys the support of the EU Mission - Restore our Ocean and Waters, an initiative to raise awareness about the Ocean and protect it from current challenges. As a driving force behind the ‘Genova Process’ towards a universal declaration of ocean rights, Genova is a steadfast supporter of ocean health.

“Genova is world-renowned as a maritime city, with a long history and heritage with the Sea,” said Mayor Marco Bucci. “Over the past five years we have been adding new chapters to that story through our relationship with The Ocean Race, where events like The Ocean Race Summits, initiatives like the Genova Process and of course the unforgettable Grand Finale in 2023, have showcased Genova not just to the sailing community, but to a global audience, as a strong advocate for ocean health and a leader in sustainability, as well as a city with the passion and commitment to host the biggest international events at the highest level.”

Richard Brisius, the Race Chairman of The Ocean Race, noted the relationship with Genova is built on mutual interest in winning the Race for the Ocean through the sport of ocean racing.

"With Genova, we are deeply committed to ensuring that The Ocean Race Europe transcends its position as a conventional sailing event. Together we are embarking on a profound journey—a Race for the Ocean—where the restoration of ocean health is paramount for life on our planet,” Brisius said.

“The Ocean Race Europe 2025 will build on the contributions from so many over the past editions of the Race, as we continue to push for meaningful change through concrete actions. We will have an expanded on board science programme, with the sailors on our race boats contributing critical data to our scientific understanding of the changes taking place in European waters. Our host cities in The Ocean Race Europe will engage fans and students in our learning programmes to improve ocean literacy, and we will advocate for ocean rights and a restoration of ocean health as we connect Europe.”

On the race course, the IMOCA fleet will provide unparalleled foiling action for race fans. The newest generation of boats feature design and engineering breakthroughs to increase speed and reliability and the sailors taking part in the race are the very best in the world at pushing the speed envelope. The format of the racing - short legs between European host cities - guarantees intensity and close racing.

The Ocean Race Europe will start in Kiel, Germany on 10 August, 2025, and Gevova, Italy is the second host city to be confirmed, with the rest of the race route to be announced in the coming weeks.

Two top sailing teams in the IMOCA fleet - Team Malizia and Team Holcim-PRB - have already confirmed their entry for The Ocean Race Europe 2025.

Source : The Ocean Race